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  • Terms & Conditions
These are the terms and conditions for customers taking part in classes or events managed by the Lynden School of Dance Limited. Terms & conditions must be accepted by all students and parents/guardians as part of their participation in such classes or events.
Section 1: Student Registration
  1. New students to Lynden must be registered using the Customer Portal system available through the Lynden website. This portal captures important details about the Customer and the Student to ensure student safety and welfare and enable communications through email, text, or phone.
  2. Existing Customers may update their details through the Customer Portal (using a browser) or the free Lynden App (on any mobile device), access information about current and future classes, and book new classes with minimal information exchange. Existing Customers should validate the information held by Lynden annually to ensure it is up to date. Payments can be made through the Customer Portal or the Lynden App using available payment gateways, and all invoices and payments can be viewed.
  3. Each Lynden Customer will also have access to a powerful, dedicated online finance system (Xero) that allows access to all invoice and payment information related to the Customer’s account with Lynden. This system enables invoices to be generated, payments through Lynden’s payment channels to be reconciled, and statements to be sent regularly. This finance portal should be viewed regularly to ensure payments.
Section 2: Trial Classes
  1. New students to Lynden or to a class may book up to three trial classes before committing to the class for the remainder of the Term. The Trial Classes enable the student to settle in and feel comfortable with the environment, the length of the class, and the degree of difficulty, and allow the Teacher to assess the Student to ensure the class is right for him/her.
  2. Trial Classes must be booked in advance, and students must be registered through our online registration process (see the website for details) before participating. An invoice will be sent for the trial classes booked at the normal class fee. Payment for the classes should be made via credit/debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer prior to the class being taken. Cash payments are difficult to manage and should not be given to the class teacher. Students taking trial classes will be temporarily enrolled in the class and will only be made permanent when the trial has been successfully completed.
  3. An invoice for the remainder of the Term will be sent when the student attends a total of three or more classes, and the student will be enrolled in the class permanently.
Section 3: Class Schedule and Fees
  1. The range of fees for Lynden Classes is published on our website regularly. Fees are charged per 10-week Term. There are 40 weeks in the full year – consisting of four Terms. Normally each Term will consist of 10 classes, but there may be occasions where this is not possible (e.g., because of Public Holidays) in which case the classes will be made up in the following term.
  2. Each year, Lynden will publish its schedule of classes and the Term dates via the website, which, as far as possible, will mirror the term schedule of Hampshire schools, with the exception of the Autumn half-term, which is scheduled for classes at Lynden. Each class will be scheduled for 40 weeks of the year.
  3. Invoices will be raised about 3 weeks in advance (where possible) for class Term fees. Students will be automatically enrolled for classes in the following Term unless they give notice of cessation or change of class via email.
  4. Some classes may need to revert to an online format if the classes are closed because of Government requirements or action. Lynden will provide detailed information on how these classes can be accessed on its website and Facebook pages and will provide as much notice of change as possible. Some classes, because of restrictions imposed by Government, may need to have a remote or home-based element.
Section 4: Payment Methods
  1. Payment for classes or events or other services from Lynden may be made as follows (in order of preference for Lynden): a. By Bank Transfer to the Lynden bank account with sort code 30-90-53 and account number 42778068. Bank transfers can include single payments as well as payment via standing order, as many Customers prefer to make regular monthly payments. Please provide the Invoice number in the payment details. b. Via credit card or debit card payment or PayPal using the link provided via the personal link in the customer portal or the Lynden App. Please provide the Invoice number in the payment details. c. Via PayPal using Lynden’s email address LyndenDance@aol.com. Please provide the Invoice number in the payment details. d. By cheque, payable to The Lynden School of Dance Limited, with the student’s name on the reverse of the cheque. Cheques should be given to a staff member in a separate envelope with the Student’s Name, the Class, Invoice number, and the payment amount written clearly on the envelope.
  2. A further method of payment for class fees is via monthly Standing Order. Please see our website for relevant instalment amounts. Standing Orders can only be accepted for a full term (3 full payments). This means that in any year, there will be 12 payments from September to August.
  3. New starters, who join us partway through the term, will need to make the payment for the remaining lessons either by credit/debit card, PayPal, or bank transfer (We are happy for this to be paid in instalments if preferred, but if this is the case, please ensure that you inform The Lynden School of Dance & Gymnastics via email.) Lynden bank details can be found at the bottom of all invoices.
  4. If a student wishes to cancel their tuition, Standing Orders should be cancelled only after the instalments for the term the student ceases to attend have been made. (Three instalments relating to the term from when the student cancels). It is the Customer’s responsibility to cancel the Standing Order. Refunds will not be issued if the Customer fails to cancel the Standing Order. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian or student over the age of 18 to inform us via email that they intend to stop receiving tuition from us. The registration of students will automatically transfer to the following term until notification of cancellation is received via email.
  5. We prefer that any other invoices, e.g., examination fees, costumes, etc., are paid either by bank transfer or PayPal or using a credit or debit card via the Stripe gateway from either the Lynden online store or through the Customer Portal or Lynden App. Please ensure that you quote the student’s surname and Invoice number in the reference. Our bank details are quoted at the bottom of all Invoices. Our PayPal account is Lyndendance@aol.com.
  6. A cheque may be accepted in an exceptional circumstance, but it is not preferable. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide evidence of cheque payments should any dispute arise. We recommend that you present a printed copy of your invoice to the teacher concerned and request that they sign and date the invoice for you to keep as a record.
  7. In the event of cheques being re-presented to the bank or are declined totally, the Customer must pay the costs incurred.
  8. In the event that debts remain outstanding for a long period of time, Lynden may recourse to using the services of 3rd party collection agencies.
Section 5: Absences from Class
  1. As part of its administration, Lynden will mark attendance at all classes. Students may be marked as unattended if they arrive late for a class.
  2. Student attendance information is made available to individual Customers through the Customer Portal or Lynden App. Customers may inform Lynden of future absences through the Customer Portal or Lynden App.
  3. There are no refunds if a student is absent from a class and no reductions for part Term attendance. Lynden’s costs cannot, unfortunately, be reduced if a student is unexpectedly absent from a class. Students are welcome to make up the unattended class by attending a similar class at any of our other venues, if possible.
  4. On the rare occasion that a class is cancelled, it will be rescheduled, usually during the school holidays or may be delivered online. If it is not possible to reschedule, fees will be subtracted from the forthcoming Term’s fees.
  5. If it is necessary to cancel a class due to adverse weather conditions or if a child cannot attend a class due to their participation in another Lynden performance/event, class fees will not be refunded.
  6. If a student is asked to leave a class due to a breach of any of the conditions detailed within this document, they will not be refunded.
Section 6: Uniform
  1. Class uniforms are as described on the Lynden website, including details of where these may be purchased. Class uniforms are mandatory after a student’s first half term of attendance for safety and security reasons.
  2. Dance Students must wear their hair in a bun for all classes, with fringes clipped out of their face. Students with short hair should wear an ‘Alice’ band to keep their hair off their face.
  3. If a student is wearing inappropriate footwear or clothing, the student will not be permitted to participate in the class.
  4. Jewellery items (including watches), which the teacher feels may cause injury or feels inappropriate for the class, must be removed, or the student will not be permitted to participate in the class.
Section 7: Class Timing
  1. Classes may run back-to-back on the timetable without a break, and additional cleaning may be needed. Students should be dressed ready to start their class before entering the studio and leave promptly at the end.
  2. Students are asked to wait quietly outside the studio until their class begins.
Section 8: Code of Conduct
  1. Customers (and parents, guardians, friends, or family members) are not permitted to watch classes from within the studios, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class teacher. This will be disruptive to the class and does not aid student participation.
  2. No jewellery whatsoever should be worn for Acrobatic dance, but small ear studs are permitted for dance classes but may not be worn for exams or performances.
  3. Students must adhere to the Lynden code of conduct and policies regarding their dress and conduct and are expected to demonstrate respectful behaviour towards their teachers, judges, officials, and fellow students.
  4. Students must always drink plenty of fluids during training, that is water or squash only - no carbonated drinks. Students are not permitted to eat or drink while using equipment or participating in routines or chew gum while in class.
  5. Students are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk.
  6. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones or tablets during a class. Any mobile phones brought into the class must be switched off or set on silent mode.
  7. Students are not permitted to leave the studio during a class without permission from the teacher.
  8. Students are not permitted to sit out of a class unless they become unwell or injured during the lesson or written consent from the student’s parent/guardian is given in advance. Students are responsible for alerting the teacher to any injuries/illnesses that may affect their training. In particular, students should not train when they are in pain or feel unwell, especially pain in the torso, feel sick, or suffer from breathing problems, such as asthma.
  9. Students should listen to and follow the instructions of their teacher, should not indulge in rowdy or distracting behaviour, should support and encourage their teammates, always train with a positive attitude, and attempt every move with good form.
  10. Students should take care of the Lynden’s equipment and only use equipment they have permission to use. Importantly, Students must not walk across any landing areas when associated equipment is being used or disrupt the routines of others. Students must not run in the studios, except as instructed as part of their training.
  11. Students should take pride in Lynden and make sure they do their part in keeping the studios clean and tidy.
  12. Physical contact of the student by the teacher is necessary to correct form and posture and also to support moves that may otherwise put the student at risk of injury.
Section 9: Parents Codes of Conduct
  1. Students should arrive a few minutes before the start of training. It is particularly upsetting for younger children to arrive after all the others have started.
  2. Please ensure your child has a drinks bottle to use during their session. If your child brings in lunch or a snack due to a long training session, please ensure it's appropriate/healthy food.
  3. Please do not drop off your own, or other children, early to watch the classes unattended. Lynden cannot be responsible for these children until they start their own class.
  4. If your child is expected to be absent for 2 weeks or longer, please let the school know by email, if possible, or through the Customer Portal or Lynden App.
  5. Please advise Lynden of any change in circumstances, i.e., medical, change of address, or contact mobile number as soon as possible, using the Customer Portal or the Lynden App. There are important safety and security reasons for maintaining these records. Lynden does ensure that the current contact details for each Student are available to the Teachers.
  6. Parents need to ensure the coach is alerted to any injuries or illnesses that may affect their training.
  7. If you wish to speak to the class teacher, please do so at the end of the class. Parents should not enter the gym/studio unless they are invited to by the class teacher.
  8. Please ensure you are punctual in collecting your children and remind them to remain in the building until you arrive.
  9. Parents or Guardians (Customers) should register on the Lynden Customer Portal to ensure they can provide Lynden with up-to-date information about the Students. The Customer Portal will allow Customers to view attendance information, book classes, review invoices and statements, and communicate with Lynden.
  10. Invoices, statements, and other materials are presented online via email. Parents/Guardians should provide a valid email address for this purpose and ensure that such emails from Lynden are not considered SPAM. If promotion material from Lynden is not welcome, the Parent/Guardian should ask for removal from the Lynden distribution lists.
Section 10: Social Media Policy
This policy provides The Lynden School of Dance & Gymnastics Students and Parents and Guardians guidelines for the use of social media. It includes but is not limited to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Blogging platforms, YouTube.
  1. It is strictly prohibited to post or share information of a personal nature about any member of staff, students, volunteers, or their families.
  2. It is strictly prohibited to share information that compromises and could bring the company into disrepute.
  3. Parents or Guardians or Students must not post pictures or videos of other students without consent from that student’s Parents or Guardians.
  4. Videos recorded during rehearsal periods are strictly for personal use and should be used as a teaching aid only.
  5. It is prohibited to share information or post videos or photos that could damage the self-esteem of any Lynden Student.
  6. It is prohibited for any Lynden Parent or Guardian or Student to give the impression that they are talking/posting as an official representative of The Lynden School of Dance & Gymnastics.
  7. It is prohibited to post negative comments about competition organisers, judges, other dance schools, events, studios, or the performance of others.
  8. It is preferred that you share official videos and photos posted by The Lynden School of Dance & Gymnastics on our social media channels from competitions, shows, etc., instead of your own to protect the wishes of other students who may have opted out of having their images used in this way.
  9. Please be aware that as a company, The Lynden School of Dance & Gymnastics, owns the copyright to any original videos or photos that we post. Please respect the law around the Defamation Act 2013.
Section 12: Miscellaneous
  1. All Students must complete an online enrolment application upon joining the school. It is the Parent’s or Guardian’s responsibility to update their child’s registration details as necessary, via their Customer Portal or the Lynden App. Please note that new classes and siblings can also be added via the Customer Portal or the Lynden App.
  2. The Lynden Schedule of Classes may be revised at any time and will be published via the Lynden website.
  3. Lynden is affiliated with The British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA), and all examinations taken by the dance Students are accredited by the Council of Dance Education and Training (CDET). Lynden is fully registered with The British Gymnastics Association.
  4. A certain amount of risk is carried by any physical activity. Students taking part in any classes or events run by The Lynden School of Dance do so at their own risk.
  5. Photographs and videos of Students may be taken and used for promotion and on social media. If a Parent or Guardian has any concern whatsoever about the use of any photograph/video that Lynden uses of their child, it will be removed without question.

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• Social Skills: Participants will develop teamwork, cooperation, and communication skills.
• Memorable Experience: They'll create lasting memories and may even discover a lifelong passion for the arts.
Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, as it helps us gauge community interest and ensure the success of special events like "Vacation Vibes." Hosting such events involves substantial costs, and your support is essential for making them possible. We encourage you to share your honest thoughts—whether positive or negative—as this feedback is crucial for understanding what you and your children enjoy and for shaping future programmes. Please don’t hesitate to share your views; your input is vital for us as we strive to provide enriching experiences for our young dancers. Your involvement not only aids in our improvement but also helps shape the future of Lynden. We appreciate your engagement and look forward to making "Vacation Vibes" a resounding success, with the hope of offering more such opportunities in the future.