Lynden Dance Squads

Lynden Dance Squads

At Lynden, we understand that many of our dancers enjoy attending weekly classes for the joy of dancing, making friends, building confidence, participating in shows and medal tests, advancing through exams, staying active, and embracing a rewarding hobby.

We take great pleasure in providing these opportunities.

Yet, we recognize that for some dancers, this level of engagement isn't sufficient.

These individuals are deeply committed to dance, thrive on challenges, and show remarkable self-motivation and determination.

They know that mere desire is not enough; they're willing to endure hard work, sweat, and muscle aches to achieve their dreams and personal goals.

To cater to these ambitious dancers and help them maximize their potential, we've introduced the Lynden Squads.  

Dance Squad Benefits

The Squads offer unique opportunities, including:

  • Team performances in medal tests
  • Team competitions at Dance Festivals nationwide
  • Participation in local charity events and promotional activities
  • Exclusive Squad performances in Danceforce and Dynamix, a Squad-only show
  • Intensive training

Membership in the Squads is capped at 10 and is by invitation only, as those ready for this level of commitment will naturally stand out to their teachers. 

  • Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz

    To offer the most comprehensive dance education, Lynden combines the three essential disciplines of Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap into one package.

    Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz 
  • Acrobatic Dance

    Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of dance or looking to add a dynamic new dimension to their repertoire, our Acrobatic Dance classes offer an enriching and fulfilling experience.

    Acrobatic Dance 
  • Little Tots Dance

    This dance class welcomes children from 2½ to around 5 years old, starting whenever they're ready to participate without a parent or caregiver. It's designed to nurture expression and coordination

    Little Tots Dance