Little Tots Dance

Little Tots Dance

This dance class welcomes children from 2½ to around 5 years old, starting whenever they're ready to participate without a parent or caregiver.

It's designed to nurture expression and coordination, offering a delightful mix of ballet, tap, modern jazz, and musical mime in an engaging environment.

In the Little Tots class, students frequently take part in simple musical mime medal tests, tailored to their age and capabilities.

These tests, focusing on expression, interpretation, and following instructions rather than technique, serve as a gentle introduction to the structured world of formal dance exams they'll encounter as they grow.

Participants are rewarded with a trophy and immediate feedback from the examiner, followed by a certificate from the British Theatre Dance Association.

While we encourage taking these Medal Tests, they are not compulsory.

Children can move to the next level at their own pace, ensuring a supportive and pressure-free learning experience.

  • Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz

    To offer the most comprehensive dance education, Lynden combines the three essential disciplines of Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap into one package.

    Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz 
  • Acrobatic Dance

    Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of dance or looking to add a dynamic new dimension to their repertoire, our Acrobatic Dance classes offer an enriching and fulfilling experience.

    Acrobatic Dance 
  • Lynden Dance Squad

    The Dance Squads offer unique opportunities. Membership in the Squads is capped at 10 and is by invitation only, as those ready for this level of commitment will naturally stand out to their teachers. 

    Lynden Dance Squad