Acrobatic Dance

Acrobatic Dance

At Lynden, our Acrobatic Dance classes offer a captivating blend of classical dance techniques with precise acrobatic elements.

Designed for students aged 5 years and above, these classes provide a comprehensive introduction to the world of acrobatic dance, a genre that marries the fluidity of dance with the strength and agility of acrobatics.

What Is Acrobatic Dance? 

Acrobatic Dance, or "Acro" as it is affectionately known, is an art form that seamlessly integrates dance and acrobatic movements.

The discipline focuses on developing a harmonious performance that highlights flexibility, balance, and control, with movements flowing smoothly from one to another.

Acro teaches dancers to execute acrobatic skills with grace and beauty, incorporating them into dance routines to enhance storytelling and emotional expression.


Benefits for Students

Acrobatic Dance classes at Lynden offer numerous benefits for our students:

  • Enhanced Flexibility and Strength: 
    Regular practice improves overall flexibility, muscle strength, and endurance, vital for performing both dance and acrobatic skills.

  • Improved Balance and Coordination:
     Acro challenges students to maintain control over their bodies while transitioning between dance and acrobatic movements, fostering superior balance and coordination.

  • Confidence and Discipline: 
    Mastering acrobatic skills and integrating them into dance routines instils a sense of achievement, boosting students' confidence and encouraging discipline in practice.

  • Creativity and Expression: 
    Acrobatic Dance allows students to explore new ways of expressing themselves, encouraging creativity and emotional depth in performances.

Our Gem Awards Program

To celebrate progress and achievement in Acrobatic Dance, Lynden proudly offers the Gem Awards.

Spanning 12 levels, from Little Gem to Diamond, the program sets a structured pathway for students to hone their skills. 

Each level presents new challenges, ensuring students are continually motivated to reach new heights in their Acro journey.


Assessments for these awards provide an opportunity for students to showcase their accomplishments, earning medals and certificates that recognize their hard work and dedication.

Experienced Instructors

At Lynden, our experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to guiding each student through their Acrobatic Dance journey. 

Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of dance or looking to add a dynamic new dimension to their repertoire, our Acrobatic Dance classes offer an enriching and fulfilling experience.

Join us

and watch your child soar to new heights, blending the artistry of dance with the thrilling athleticism of acrobatics. 

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