Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz

Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz

At Lynden, located in the heart of Basingstoke, we are committed to providing a comprehensive dance education that stands out for its depth and quality. Our program is meticulously designed to encompass the three pivotal disciplines of dance: Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap. This tripartite structure is the cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring that each dancer develops a versatile skill set characterized by elegance, strength, and a profound understanding of dance as an art form.

Our innovative combined class structure is specifically tailored to allow students the opportunity to immerse themselves in all three dance forms within a single day. This approach not only offers unmatched convenience for busy parents but also enriches the learning experience for our students. By navigating through Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap in one session, dancers gain a holistic perspective of dance, enabling them to appreciate the nuances and complexities of each style. This comprehensive exposure lays a solid foundation for mastering advanced techniques and preparing for captivating performances.


Our Commitment To Excellence,

Lynden’s graded classes are structured around a balanced mix of performance work, flexibility exercises, and strength training, all while closely adhering to the esteemed syllabus of the British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA).

Our curriculum is designed with a focus on progressing through BTDA examinations, which, although highly recommended, are not a mandatory requirement for advancing to higher levels. This flexibility allows our dancers to progress at their own pace, fostering a nurturing environment that is supportive of each individual’s journey.

The Pathway

For those beginning their dance journey, or for parents seeking guidance on the best starting point for their child, Lynden offers a clear pathway.

Beginners without prior dance experience are encouraged to start with our Prep BTM class, a 45-minute session designed to introduce the fundamentals of dance in a welcoming and supportive setting. For those ready to delve deeper, our Graded Classes BTM Prep & Primary extend the experience to a 90-minute session, providing a more thorough exploration of the disciplines.

Children over the age of 9 or those with previous dance experience are invited to contact us for an assessment to ensure placement in the class that best meets their skill level and aspirations.

Lynden's Graded Classes

Lynden proudly offers graded classes from Prep & Primary all the way up to Grade 5 in each discipline, with opportunities to advance to the vocational level for those who are dedicated to pursuing dance at a higher and more intense level of commitment. Our vision is to cultivate not just skilled dancers, but passionate individuals who appreciate the beauty and discipline of dance.

Join us at Lynden in Basingstoke for dance classes that promise more than just instruction; they offer a journey into the world of dance, guided by experienced instructors passionate about nurturing talent and fostering a love for dance in every student. Whether you’re stepping onto the dance floor for the first time or aiming to refine your technique and artistry, Lynden is your gateway to achieving your dance aspirations.

  • Little Tots Dance

    This dance class welcomes children from 2½ to around 5 years old, starting whenever they're ready to participate without a parent or caregiver. It's designed to nurture expression and coordination

    Little Tots Dance 
  • Acrobatic Dance

    Whether your child is taking their first steps into the world of dance or looking to add a dynamic new dimension to their repertoire, our Acrobatic Dance classes offer an enriching and fulfilling experience.

    Acrobatic Dance 
  • Lynden Dance Squad

    The Dance Squads offer unique opportunities. Membership in the Squads is capped at 10 and is by invitation only, as those ready for this level of commitment will naturally stand out to their teachers. 

    Lynden Dance Squad