Top Dance Classes in Basingstoke & Chineham – Enrol at Lynden Dance

Top Dance Classes in Basingstoke & Chineham – Enrol at Lynden Dance

Welcome to the Lynden School of Dance in Basingstoke and Chineham

Are you searching for exceptional dance classes for your child in Basingstoke or Chineham? Discover the Lynden School of Dance, where we go beyond teaching traditional dance steps to promote a nurturing environment where each student can flourish both personally and artistically.

Our mission at Lynden is unique; we support each child's individual dance journey with a curriculum tailored for personal growth alongside technical skill development. We're not just a dance school; we're a thriving community that celebrates every achievement—big or small—ensuring our students excel in dance and develop key life skills like confidence, discipline, and a sense of belonging.

Our Dance Class Locations

Classes are conveniently held at two key locations—the Basingstoke Sports Centre and Chineham Village Hall. These venues are carefully selected to complement our teaching methods and to be easily accessible to all families in Basingstoke and Chineham. Experience the Lynden difference, where dance lessons are transformed into life lessons.

Little Tots Dance Classes

 Our Little Tots Dance Classes  welcome young dancers aged 2 ½ to 5 years, offering a delightful introduction to the world of dance. Available on Wednesdays at Chineham Village Hall and Saturdays at Basingstoke Sports Centre, these classes provide flexible scheduling for busy families.

Themes and Props

Each session introduces a new theme—like Teddy Bears, Colours, Circus, and Seaside—to capture the imagination of our dancers. We utilize engaging props such as coloured scarves, Ballet bears, and hoops, making each class an exciting, immersive experience that enhances learning through play and creativity.

Preschool Exams

Our preschool exams feature musical mime, allowing children to portray enchanting characters such as fairies and soldiers. Designed to build confidence, these exams serve as a gentle introduction to formal dance examinations, with participation being completely optional to ensure a pressure-free environment focused on personal development and joy.

Ballet, Tap, and Modern Jazz Classes


Class Structure

For children eager to expand their dance repertoire, our Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz  classes offer a dynamic blend of discipline and creativity. These combined classes cater to older children, held at both our Basingstoke and Chineham venues to accommodate family schedules.

Curriculum and Fun Learning

The heart of these classes is the British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) curriculum, which not only prepares students for graded exams but also provides a comprehensive understanding of each dance form. These lessons are infused with fun, allowing students to learn dance routines that enhance their enjoyment and creative expression.

Acro Dance Classes


Acrobatic Dance, a style blending classical dance techniques with acrobatic elements, is ideal for students looking to enhance agility and flexibility. Offered every Monday and Friday at Basingstoke Sports Centre, these classes help integrate acrobatic skills seamlessly into dance routines.

Benefits and Progression

Acro Dance not only captivates audiences but also significantly benefits the dancers by improving strength, coordination, and endurance. Our program includes progressive assessments to earn medals and certificates, motivating students to excel.

Acro Squad

We are thrilled to introduce the upcoming Acro Squad, designed for our most dedicated and talented Acro dancers. This squad will participate in local displays and competitions, providing a platform for enhanced visibility and community engagement.

Performance Opportunities


Performance is a crucial aspect of dance education at Lynden, underscored by our bi-annual Danceforce shows. These events feature students of all ages, showcasing their talents in a professionally staged setting and creating memorable experiences for both performers and audiences.

Benefits of Dance Classes

Dance at Lynden is more than physical exercise; it's a holistic activity that nurtures the physical, emotional, and social development of children. Ballet instils discipline, tap enhances musicality, modern jazz encourages creativity, and Acro dance builds strength, offering diverse benefits to every participant.

Join the Lynden Family Today!

Are you ready to enrol your child in a dance class that offers more than just dance? We invite you to join us for the first three lessons on a trial basis, payable at our regular class fee, to ensure your child is completely comfortable.

Don't miss this chance! Visit our website Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics for more information, or email us at

Let your child start their rewarding dance journey with Lynden School of Dance today—we can't wait to welcome you to our family!

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