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 Introducing Lynden’s Online Award Scheme

This is a new and exciting reward-based scheme to encourage and motivate our young dancers and gymnasts to keep up with their training during this difficult time.

As we all adapt to this new “normal”, we appreciate that with so many online activities and classes currently flooding everyone’s home, the novelty is beginning to wear a bit thin. Logging onto live classes at scheduled times is proving to be difficult for many families, especially with distractions from siblings, pets, mealtimes, and general family life. Therefore, we have created a scheme that is much more flexible and has the added motivation of a reward and recognition for a dancer or gymnast’s effort.


It is vital that the fitness, strength and flexibility of dancers and gymnasts is maintained during these difficult times to ensure that their progress is not hindered and to ensure that they have a much better opportunity to pick up where they left off, when their physical classes recommence.

Although the current Covid-19 situation means that there are some things we can’t do, there is still an awful lot of valuable training that our students CAN do, if they are willing to be open minded, adaptable and reciprocating. Parents can play a big part in this by being supportive and positive too.