© 2022 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

© 2023 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

This dance class for children aged from 2½ up to approximately 5 years old. There is no “right age” to start, it really depends on when the child feels confident enough to stay without a parent or carer.


The class encourages expression and co-ordination through movement and dance in a fun filled way, covering ballet, tap, modern/jazz and musical mime.

In the Little Tots class, the children are entered regularly for medal tests in musical mime. The tests for this age group are very simple and well within a young child’s ability.  They are an excellent way to build confidence and get the children used to the structure of the more formal dance examinations which they work towards when they are older.

The children are not marked on technique; they are marked on expression and interpretation and their ability to follow simple instruction. The children are awarded with a small trophy and a report from the examiner on the day and will later receive a certificate from the British Theatre Dance Association.

Please note that although the Medal Tests are encouraged, they are certainly not mandatory, and the children may progress to the next level without taking them.

Little Tots Dance per 10 Lesson Term

1 x 45 minutes per week - £75.00 inc VAT


Little Tots