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This is a fun class for children from 2½ years old, encouraging expression and co-ordination through movement and dance, covering ballet, tap, modern/jazz and musical mime. The children are entered regularly for medal tests in musical mime. The tests for this age group are very simple and well within a pre-school child's ability. They are designed to build their confidence and get them used to the structure of the more formal dance examinations which they work towards when they are older. The children are not marked on technique; they are marked on expression and their ability to follow simple instruction. At this level, unless they refuse to participate at all during the test, they will pass and will be rewarded with a medal and a report from the examiner on the day and will later receive a certificate from the British Theatre Dance Association. Please note that although these tests are encouraged, they are not compulsory and the children may progress to the next level without taking them.

At Basingstoke Sports Centre, parents/guardians must remain in building for the duration of the lesson. If your child requires your attention, you will be contacted via the intercom system. To avoid disrupting the other children, please attend to your child outside of the studio.

At St Luke’s Hall, Overton parents/guardians should wait in the social area, where you are always available if your child requires you attention.

In all cases parents may not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, remain in the studio. The children are distracted if parents remain in the studio and do not properly relate to their teacher. Parents will be contacted if a child does not settle very quickly after they have left.

Please make it clear to your child well in advance of the lesson that you cannot stay with them, but reassure them you will be there to collect them at the end.

Some children may find the idea of participating a little daunting at first, and in this case it is acceptable to suggest that they just sit and watch, without their parents. Most children will join in when they feel more comfortable.

Please ensure that your child visits the toilet before the lesson commences. If you are late arriving for a lesson, to avoid disrupting the class, please dress your child outside of the studio and send them in when they are ready.

A document containing much more information about the Little Tots and Little Tiptoes classes is available here.