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1. Parents are not permitted to watch classes except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class teacher (except for Little Tiptoes where the parent or guardian will be present).

2. Students are expected to demonstrate respectful and courteous behaviour towards their teacher and fellow students.

3. Students are not permitted to chew gum whilst in class.

4. Students should not chat during class.

5. Students are responsible for their own items and bring them in at their own risk.

6. Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during a class. Any phones brought into the class must either be switched off or on silent mode.

7. Students are not permitted to leave the studio during a class without permission from their teacher.

8. Students are not permitted to sit out of a class unless they become unwell or injured during the lesson or if written permission from a parent/guardian is given in advance.

9. Students are expected to dress appropriately for their class and wear the correct uniform and footwear. Students will not be permitted to take part in a class if the teacher feels that their dress in unsuitable or may cause injury.

10.  Students with long hair (below the jaw line) must wear their hair in a bun for ballet classes with long fringes clipped out of their face. Students with short hair should wear an 'Alice' band to prevent their hair from falling in their face. Students may wear a tidy pony tail or plait for modern and tap classes but long fringes must be clipped out of the face.

11.  Students are not permitted to wear baggy t-shirts or tops for ballet classes.

12.  Students are expected to tie their own laces. If a student is unable to tie their laces, their shoes must be fastened by replacing the laces with elastic so that they are able to slip the shoes on and off freely.

13.  Classes run back to back. Students should be dressed ready to start their class on time before entering the studio and leave promptly at the end.

14.  Students should wait quietly outside the studio until their class starts.

A full version of Lynden Terms and Conditions is available here.